Do we need to bother with COVID?

I’d been planning to finish this blog when the first vaccine was approved, which may be close but not quite yet, so I’ll save writing about that for the moment. Instead, I thought I’d give my thoughts on the current situation in the UK in about a 10 minute read (no pressure…). This was incrediblyContinue reading “Do we need to bother with COVID?”

The ‘second’ wave (the first part)

A lot changed across the UK (and indeed Europe and the world) in the last week that may leave many people very worried… I’d like to apologise for the delay in this post about second waves, this has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to write because I know I’m not anContinue reading “The ‘second’ wave (the first part)”

Masks & distancing from the 4th of July

The COVID warning level has decreased to 3, the 2-metre rule is becoming 1, and the pubs are re-opening! Can we all now safely face-palm the government’s initial response (god I miss touching my face), storm the beaches, and finally start licking door-knobs again? Unfortunately not… and I imagine changes in rules on July 4thContinue reading “Masks & distancing from the 4th of July”

The reason why bleach can NEVER cure COVID-19

I had hoped to keep this blog out of politics and focussed on science, but I don’t think I can really avoid bleach/UV-gate. People are free to have their opinions of Trump and his policies, I won’t dispute these and I’ll try my best not to be rude, but we do need to be clearContinue reading “The reason why bleach can NEVER cure COVID-19”

The drugs don’t work… Or they do… Or don’t… Or do…

It seems like pretty much every day there is some new drug that’s supposed to work against COVID-19, e.g. hydroxychloroquine, ibuprofen, nicotine, remdesivir… Then the next day, they don’t work… I wanted to talk a bit about when we could get excited by one of these, going via our understanding of ‘the truth’ and aContinue reading “The drugs don’t work… Or they do… Or don’t… Or do…”

R and why we need to keep social distancing

My previous posts covered why we had to lockdown when we did, how we know it worked, and why we are easing now. That brings us to the present where we are being told to keep R (the average number of people that one person with COVID infects) below 1 to avoid a second peak.Continue reading “R and why we need to keep social distancing”

Lockdown – why we had to act when we did, and how we know it worked.

In this post I wanted to touch a bit on these growing questions of “did we really need to lockdown?” and “did it actually do anything?”, but to answer those first I think we need to discuss a little about how with think about the virus.  So let’s get stuck in…. The graphs in PostContinue reading “Lockdown – why we had to act when we did, and how we know it worked.”

Lockdown – how come we are easing? (Part II)

In this post I would like to discuss a little more of the data around lockdown that shows why we are able to start easing this now. Post 3 discussed how we could be easing lockdown when the number of confirmed cases from testing in the UK looks like it is remaining constant: Following this, someoneContinue reading “Lockdown – how come we are easing? (Part II)”

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